Barry Foster Memorial Kids Yankee Baseball Trip

Barry Foster Group Photo1

As a result of the funds raised on the 2nd Annual Barry Foster Memorial Yankee Baseball Trip which took place on June 22nd and the generous support of the sponsors listed below, the Barry Foster Memorial Kids Yankee Baseball Trip took place on Thursday, July 27th.  It was a fantastic trip where 132 excited kids and their chaperones participated getting a ticket to the Yankees vs Texas Rangers game, round trip transportation, a bagged lunch and snacks.  There were 3 full school bus loads of kids from Liberty, Livingston Manor, and Fallsburg. There was a great deal of support from all three communities.  The following people were a great help in gathering and organizing the kids in each community:

Livingston Manor – Carol Shaver and Sandy Johnson
Liberty – Eileen Whitaker-Conway, Laurie Maier and Mary Ellen-Whittington
Fallsburg – Alexis Eggleton, Barbi Neumann Marty and Chris Henry.

These people contributed a great deal of effort and time to make this trip a success. There were kids from the Livingston Manor Little League, Livingston Manor RISE Program, Liberty Special Education Summer School Program, Hudson Valley Migrant Education Program, and Fallsburg Boys and Girls Club Summer  Camp.  Many of the kids had never been outside of Sullivan County much less to a major league baseball game and they were awed by being at the stadium.  There was one young man who was so excited that he was going to Yankee Stadium and told his chaperone that his grandfather had shaken Babe Ruth’s hand.  You could tell the young boy loved the game of baseball because of his grandfather’s experiences and he was eager to go for the first time.  When he walked in the stadium, his face lit up and the first thing he did was buy a Yankee Foam Finger Souvenir. He was so excited that he ended up buying a baseball, a Yankee Bucket, Yankee hat and other souvenirs.  The boy had his hands full and a glow for the entire afternoon.  This was typical of the kids that attended.  There were 21 Migrant Education Program kids from Liberty who had never been to a game before and their instructors used the trip as an educational lesson where they learned about the game of baseball.  Each of the kids wrote a short paragraph about why they would like to go on the trip and how it could benefit them. Some of the essays were written in Spanish.  Although not everyone who went on the trip wrote the persuasive essay, the organizers did collect over 50 written pieces from the kids.  There was one in particular from a youngster from Livingston Manor who wrote that he knew Barry and used to go to his store.  He expressed how Barry would always smile and take an interest in him and how he always left with much more memorabilia then he paid for.  Barry would have been so proud to have seen the joy that these kids experienced!

None of this could have happened without the generous support of this year’s sponsors:

Barry Foster Memorial Roto League, CD Trips, LLC, Dr. Jorge Delgado – Chiropractor, Lazare and Charlotte Kaplan Foundation, Liberty Rotary Club, Livingston Manor Rotary Club, The Foster Family

Leon (“Uncle Lee”) Siegel

Arthur Steinhauer, Boys & Girls Club of Wallkill Serving Sullivan and Orange Counties, Dr. Phil Olsen & Dr. Jon Sutherland, DDS, Jeff Bank, Jack & Sherry Strassman Family, Nick Constantino, Rolling V Bus Corp, Sullivan County Democrat, The Plevel Family

Art is Liberty, Charles Levine, Mary & Joe Inghrim

Sullivan Enews, Thunder 102

It is our hope that we can make this an annual event as the pride and joy seen on those kids faces is the entire reason why the Barry Fund was formed in the first place.

Sims Foster (Barry’s son) said it best in his eulogy…..
“It is up to all of us now to carry out the life’s work that was Barry’s.  There is void that we must fill.  We must love more….. We must hug each other more…..  We must bring joy to more people who come into our lives.  And at the beginning of each day we must consider it the most important goal to bring as many smiles to others as we can.”